Dublin Offshore have kicked off a Feasibility Study to investigate how the application of space technology and systems can be used to deliver cost reduction for Floating Offshore Wind (FOW). The study is supported by the European Space Agency through the ESA Space Solutions/ Business Applications programme

The project is investigating the use of Satellite Earth Observation (SatEO) data to characterise design driving metocean conditions at FOW development sites. The results will be used to drive down FOW Levelised Cost of Energy (LCOE) through the optimisation of Dublin Offshore’s Load Reduction Device (LRD). Dublin Offshore will deliver the feasibility study in collaboration with TechWorks Marine Ltd who are providing expert advice on the SatEO aspects of the system.

Tom Doyle, Dublin Offshore director and co-founder said: “It’s great to be working with ESA and TechWorks Marine on this cutting edge project. Having first-hand experience of the cost and reliability issues around getting high quality data offshore it’s really exciting to be investigating the use of satellite systems to characterise FOW conditions and to optimise our technology.”

Dublin Offshore was founded in 2018 to service Ireland’s growing Offshore Wind industry. The company are particularly active in Floating Offshore Wind and have delivered engineering services and technology development across floating platforms and mooring systems as well as mobilisation and logistics.


TechWorks Marine is a provider of oceanographic equipment and world-class solutions to monitor the marine environment, working in the private and public sectors both in Ireland and overseas. TechWorks Marine specialise in the provision of integrated real-time monitoring platforms based around their range of TechWorks Marine Black Box (TMBB) data acquisition and transmission systems.