We have developed technology to reduce the cost of floating offshore wind by enabling standardised and high performance mooring systems

The LRD is a subsea component of an offshore mooring system targeted at the floating wind market.

The LRD delivers cost reduction in offshore mooring systems by optimising the standardised mooring system to allow a floating platform to move in compliant response to waves.

It’s fully scalable and tuneable to deliver the customer’s specific mooring response requirement. The component is manufactured using basic low-cost materials such as steel and concrete which have a demonstrated track record in the marine environment.

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Up to 15% LCOE reduction

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Greater Storm Protection

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Up to 80% Reduced Mooring Loads

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Tailored Response

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Reduced Fatigue Load

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>25 Year Design Life

Development Timeline

We have developed the LRD technology using a well established technology progression pathway

Proof of Concept
Numerical Model
Tank Testing
Prototype Design
Ocean Testing
inclined taught mooring system prototype

Proof of Concept

Build and test of early prototype and testing in Dublin Bay.

mooring system and LRD design

Numerical Modelling

Analysis and design of the mooring system and LRD was undertaken using hydrodynamic software, Orcaflex. The LRD was modelled in Orcaflex using connected 6-dimensional buoy elements to represent the buoyancy, weight, and hydrodynamic performance.

floating offshore wind system being tested in a tank

Component Tank Test

Validation of numerical modelling for the Floating Offshore Wind (FOW) system was delivered through physical prototype testing in the deep ocean basin at Lir, Ireland’s National Ocean Test Facility.

a wave tank for platform development and testing

Prototype Design

Mechanical Design, structural analysis, build and testing of quarter scale prototype. Preparation for offshore testing.

test LRD system on a boat in the sea

Ocean Testing

A quarter scale LRD was designed and built for the purpose of ocean testing. The LRD accumulated 1200 hours of continuous operation and the deployment period coincided with Hurricane Epsilon and Storm Aiden, yielding high quality data across all phases of the LRD response curve.

statement of feasibility certificate


Technology Assessment of the Load Reduction Device was carried out by DNV, a leading third-party certification body leading to issue of the Statement of Feasibility in accordance with DNVGL-SE- 0160. The mooring design and data acquisition for the 1⁄4 scale prototype deployment of Dublin Offshore’s Load Reduction device was certified in accordance with IEC TS 62600-10.

an offshore windfarm


The next step for the LRD development is to undertake a suitably sized demonstration deployment in the mooring system of a full scale Floating Offshore Wind Platform.
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