​​We have designed, built and deployed marine systems in the most aggressive locations in the world from prototype to utility scale.

We use our unique expertise in developing marine technology at each stage of product life – engineering simple solutions to complex problems.

offshore marine windfarm

We provide a wide range of technical services across Product Development, Project Delivery and Engineering Advisory

a yellow mooring point next to the sea

Project Delivery

  • ​​Owner’s Engineer
  • ​​Project Management
  • ​​Technical Management
  • ​​Foundation Design
  • ​​Mooring Design
  • ​​Subsea System Design
  • ​​Installation Analysis
  • ​​Logistics Planning

solar marine platform on a boat

Product Design

  • Concept And Feasibility Studies
  • ​​Front End Engineering Design (FEED)
  • ​​Technology Roadmap Development
  • ​​Certification Support
  • ​​System Engineering
  • ​​Mechanical Design
  • ​​Structural Design
  • ​​Naval Architecture

a floating marine windmill platform

Engineering Advisory

  • ​​Technical Due Diligence
  • ​​Technology Assessment
  • ​​State of the Art Review
  • ​​Port & Harbour Assessment
  • ​​Site Assessment
  • ​​LCOE Modelling
  • ​​Mobilisation & Deployment Planning
  • ​​Industrialisation Support

Why Floating Wind?

  • Floating wind is a technology on the rise, with installed capacity projected to reach 62GW by 2040 with LCOE costs plummeting.
  • Floating wind is attracting increasing investment and political support because it can access the estimated 80% of total offshore wind energy generation potential that is in waters depths greater than 50 meters.
  • Further offshore, wind is more consistent which increase the capacity factor for the farm however the water depths are too great to install traditional bottom fixed foundations.
  • The key challenge for the floating offshore wind industry is to reduce the cost of energy to be competitive with other forms of renewable generation such as fixed offshore wind, onshore wind and solar.
  • Building of projects at these sites will be essential to reach the European Unions Net Zero targets by 2050.

​​We are working with project developers, platform developers, mooring designers and offshore engineers to make this a reality.

Why Floating Wind?

Our Floating Wind Services

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Platform Design

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Mooring Design

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Ports & Logistics

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Installation Planning